About Vector Queen

M Hurley has a BFA in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design (Graphics as a Fine Art). She has been creating professional graphics as well as original art for over 25 years. Adobe Illustrator, which is a graphic industry premier software and a companion to CAD, was Ms “first” software; it was her introduction to the entire digital realm. The “Us” in the title includes M Hurley’s colleagues—who all possess enormous experience in a variety of applications—as well as many other graphics and business talents.

Vector Queen’s companion company can be found at this link:


Teknigram Graphics also creates...

• Ads

• Art (maps, technical art, spot art,

  Judaica, logos, plus much more)

• Art Licensing

  (+ ISBN and © Experience)

• Billboards

• Books (Complete Book Design)

• Branding | Logos

• Brochures

• Cartooning

• Content Management Systems

  (and memory management)

• Copy Writing

• Flash Files thru Illustrator

• Foreign Language Design

  (Spanish, Russian, Hebrew)



• Forms (interactive and static)

• Infographics

• Maps

• Marketing

• Menus

• Packaging and Incentives Design

• Page Layout

• Print buying

• Production Art (Print and Web)

• Project Mgt. for Art

• Publishing (Including Educational)

• Retouching

• Signage

• Web Art and Content

• Plus???