Prepping Your Art

To help us help you, there are things you can do to make sure that the image(s) to be fixed are as ready as they can be. This not only speeds up the time it takes to clean and redraw the art, but it ends up being cheaper too! Bottom line, though—if you have a question, just ask!


1.   How will this be used? Will you art need to be printed? Used in a sign? Embroidered? Let us know, since this effects both the process and turn-around of your file, as well as how it can be edited (or not) later.


2.   If you need additional art then your original, or a change, let us know. If you need a change to your art, let us know.


3.   If you need to re-use certain Fonts: tell us the font names if you can, or we can try to use a very similar font. Some fonts don’t translate between PC and Mac but there are workarounds. Sometimes the actual font will be hand-drawn / traced to maintain the original look; to do so adds time.


4.   If you are sending a scan, if you can please scan at the highest possible resolution (to get the detail). Most scanners have this option. Please try to scan as straight as possible. Crop it to exclude any areas that don't need to be part of the art.


5.   If you are sending a photo (or art), try to take the original photo as high-res as possible. If this is a photo from another source, does it have any copyright issues? Is it ok to use? Remember, just using art off the web without permission is illegal.


Types of Files We Work with:

 .jpgs, .gifs, .psd, .ai, .eps, .png, .pdf, .zsvg, .svg. and more.  If you are not sure what will work, or what these types of files mean, please ask. We want to work with you!



Please don't send PowerPoint or Word docs as those do not have the actual art needed. You can send a scan of same or convert your file into a .pdf. Not sure? Call us!