What We Do /Vector Art

What’s the Process?

You email me or send me your low-quality art that needs to become a cleaned up piece of vector-art, or created for a sign, logo, signage, banner, print art of various kinds, maps, etc. I scan it, import or open it into a software program where I do a range of things from simply cleaning up your art to a careful re-drawing / creating the art from scratch. The range depends on what’s needed.


What’s Vector Art?

There are two basic types of electronic images: vector graphics and raster (pixel-based) graphics: Vector graphics are created in special graphics programs that generate points, lines, shapes and curves that are based on mathematical formulas. The lines, etc. are filled in to create a very precise, infinitely scalable clean piece of art. Most company logos are created this way, as well as maps, signage and many other things. Raster images are usually photos or scanned or drawn art.


What are some advantages of Vector art?

• The image is a lot cleaner and sharp

• It can be enlarged or reduced to an infinite degree,

  with no loss of resolution.

• Your art is very easy to edit and replicate.

• The files are a lot “lighter” / smaller in cyber size.

• The art can be used in places as diverse as printers, signage,

  promotions, etc., etc.

• The image is easily transformed into art for the web.


We work with all platforms and many materials (PC, Mac, hard copies, emailed scans, etc.). All art is carefully cleaned up or re-recreated; there is no “automatic button” to press to get high quality. (Most auto-trace features are extremely limited.) We’re located in the Central Standard Time, US. Contact us for rush jobs under 48 hours.